Atlas/EQ6 Base Performance Tune
[EQ/G EQ/6]

Call for Price

We always thought the Orion Atlas EQ-G was a great mount for the money. Even after reading about DIY-ers disassembling, re-greasing and/or replacing components, we felt that the "stock" performance was very good and quite adequate for our astroimaging needs. Indeed, it is a fine mount, especially for it's relatively low cost. It wasn't until we grew more particular about our imaging and therefore our equipment that we felt there was more that could be squeezed out of the Atlas.

We contacted David and Jason to inquire about "tuning" our Atlas to gain all of the possible performance out of it. They were very clear about the service, what was included and what additional work could optionally be included. We elected to have the base tune, along with replacing the worm bearings on both axes. The work was completed within the promised time and at the exact cost we were quoted. They sent emails to indicate receipt of our mount and to confirm that no damage was incurred during shipment. After receiving and testing out the mount, we were pleasantly surprised with the performance. PE is noticeably lower and the mount is, overall, smoother in operation. We couldn't be more pleased with the work that Astrotroniks did and can whole-heartedly recommend the service to others that want to get the most out of their Atlas. Thanks a lot Astrotroniks!
Date Added: 03/07/2011 by Craig Temple